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The Vernites Offer...

  • Transform the look of your wooden product

  • Increase the value of your wooden product

  • Retain that "Just-Like-New" look and feel for longer

  • Reduce your customers maintenance costs

  • Brushable maintenance coat available for post sales service

  • Warranties available upon request for between 6 to 10 years

  • Manufacturer tested over 15 year exposure to UV, Fungus, Moisture and Temperature

  • Trust in a superior product providing superior protection


With single and two pack options; Clear and Opaque; any colour imaginable; semi-transparent stains; the highest UV and Fungal Protection; Basecoats, Sealers and Topcoats; finishes from 0% natural effect to 100% gloss. 

Vernites have been enhancing the natural beauty of wood since 1965, with water based coatings for Interior and Exterior use that they have developed in order to provide the very best performance, and the ultimate in UV and fungal protection. 

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Why Vernites? Well, where shall we start? Talk to us about...

  • Increased Verticality

  • Faster Drying Times

  • More Microns per Coat

  • Un-Rivaled Clarity

  • Unbeatable UV Protection

  • Multiple Application Types

  • Enviable Sanding Qualities

  • Grain Raising Control

  • All colours plus matching

  • Maximum Pore Coverage

  • Fantastic Fungal Protection

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Vernites Wood Coatings

The Vernites range includes everything needed to colour and protect wood, and will be of special interest to Wooden Door and Window Manufacturers, Conservatories, Shop-fitters, and Kitchen Manufacturers.

Research over the last few years has favoured products that limit solvent emissions into the atmosphere, and which address the need for increasing productivity with UV drying products.


The latest generation of water-soluble products for external use, must also be resistant to sunlight and mildew, and yet still provide maximum clarity in translucent form, and vibrancy in opaque.

Vernites have achieved this without sacrificing the famous quality that have made Italian finishes famous all over the world.

Thornham's Personal Approach

Thornham Supplies will work with you, providing advice, samples, assistance, on-site trials and training. So, whether you have an established spray system, are experiencing quality issues, or perhaps are considering moving to a spray system, talk to us.


Our consultants will ensure that all boxes are ticked by taking into consideration;

  1. Types of wood to be coated.

  2. The finish that is required.

  3. Colours and shades.

  4. Machinery and equipment.

  5. Build and sheen.

  6. Drying times

  7. Storage

Contact us for a free consultancy session and be amazed by the quality of our samples. We can discuss your requirements and any problems or concerns you may have.

Industry Standard Colours plus matching service

About Us

Distributed in the UK By: Thornham Supplies Limited

Thornham Supplies Ltd are based in Oldham in the UK, and have been committed to supplying the building trade developing innovative coatings for over 50 years, attributing it's success to three major factors - it's people, investment in the very latest technology, and our ability to deliver the fastest customer turnaround times.

We have now entered a vendor agreement with Vernites Chemical Group for the sale and marketing rights of it's products in the UK.


This enables our customer base to expand even further, as members of the wood working industry become ever more aware of the benefits of the product range, and of course our unique approach to guiding our customers through the decision making process.


Manufactured by: Vernites Chemical Group

The Vernites range of professional wood coatings includes everything required to protect and paint all types of wood used in the manufacture of Windows, Doors, Hardwood Flooring and Furniture.

The range has been specifically designed for industrial use, to address the specific problems experienced by wood working professionals in the wood working industry.

Established in 1965, Vernites Chemical Group are an Italian based company who epitomise true quality and reliability, as demonstrated by their research laboratories, where the team of highly qualified professionals work, and where new coatings are created in a strict testing environment.

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